First Coursera Course: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

When I decided to add “Learning R and Python” into this year’s to-do list, I started searching for learning materials. There is one open source text book called “Open Intro Stat” in my opinion is well organized and come with several labs that will walk you through fundamentals of R. And it’s very interesting how new resources and informations just pops up in front of you when you’ve tuned yourself in certain frequency (I guess that what people called the Law of Secret).

There is this Data Analysis and Statistical Inference class offered by the online education website called Coursera. Online education is a pretty new experience to me. So far I’m enjoying it. Usually there are few common components in a course. Video lectures divided into weeks, a quiz that briefly test your knowledge based on each week’s lecture, assignment, labs, or project.

We also have to do a project for this class. The due date for the proposal is March 10th. So I still have about a week or so to make up my mind what to do. We can use either the dataset this course provided or choose our own. Kaggle has some very interesting competitions and I probably could dig some fun topic and data. A more real-life case should be more beneficial to me, but I’m not sure how much business or economics knowledge is required.


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